The Coachman’s Story

Celebrating 55 Years in Business

Since 1936, the Johnson family has been serving guests at this location. The Curve was operated at this site by Lyman and Lydia Johnson serving travelers on US Highway 51. The first menu of the tavern is displayed in the lobby of our restaurant.

The Coachman’s Inn opened in December of 1962, after completion of Interstate Highway 90, to serve all those who seek a fine restaurant and family pub. Expansion has continued through the years and now includes a 27 hole golf course and 61 unit motel. The Red Nine was built in 1968, followed by the White Nine in 1970. The Blue Nine was the last to be built in 1990.

In many ways we are very old-fashioned here at Coachman’s. We believe in serving only the highest quality of food obtainable, we prefer to create our own sauces and dressings; we use no chemicals, additives or substitutes in our cooking.

Our entire staff at Coachman’s takes great pride in providing the best customer service at our resort. We will show you how important you are to us through our service and actions.

Any suggestions or criticisms that you, our guests, might make will be received with sincere thanks. It is our ambition to have your stay with us be a most memorable one.